Bags for Laundries

Perfect for health facilities, Ecomavi water soluble PVOH bags offer a highly suitable solution to hygiene-health needs in hospitals and care homes by allowing dirty, infected linen to be washed in complete safety.

Used to gather up linen and clothing in operating rooms and infectious disease wards, they allow workers to avoid direct contact with bacteria, blood pathogens and body fluids, thus preventing infections.

Once filled and closed (with a special string made of the same water-soluble biodegradable material) they can be placed directly in the wash drum, ensuring excellent safety for worker and environment alike, preventing workers from coming into direct contact with contaminated clothing.

Ecomavi water soluble PVOH bags dissolve completely without leaving residue as soon as the established wash temperature is reached.

It’s possible to choose from bags soluble in cold water at 20°C or soluble in hot water at 63°C; both offer effective resistance to most organic solvents, greases and oils.

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