Embroidery Backing

Embroidery Backing


With Ecomavi PVOH film it’s possible to create a temporary backing that acts as a stabiliser to make embroidery products with fast, easy backing removal. Easy, total removal using just water has led many firms to prefer this type of product to the more traditional paper backing.

Water soluble PVOH film ensures dimensional stability, keeping the final size of the embroidered pattern unaltered. It can be eliminated completely by dissolving in cold water, thus allowing the film to be washed away without damaging the fabric.

It can be used on fine fabrics, organza, tulle, transparent fabrics, silk, towelling, knitwear, velvet and on flocked fabrics. It’s also perfect on T-shirts, polo shirts and piqué fabrics.
Where embroidery patterns have many stitches the use of a heavier backing is recommended to make the work more stable.
Depending on requirements, water soluble film can be made in different sizes and in a thickness range from 16 to 100 microns.

The most common standard measurements are: classic 25 my thickness, heavy 40 my and extra strong 80 my.


Thermofilm for embroidery is a product recommended where a dissolving-type backing is required but washing in water is not possible.

Thermofilm allows perfect embroidery to be made without having to dispose of the tear-away backing.
When embroidery has been completed, this particular film melts in contact with heat, facilitating its complete removal from the fabric.
It has a semi-opaque appearance, is micro-holed to allow easy detachment from the fabric.

It is particularly suitable for all clothing items where a higher quality backing is needed to improve definition of the embroidery, such as: embroidering small details on shirts and cotton fabrics, embroidery on jersey and silk fabrics.
Use on materials such as thin-knit or pile fabrics is inadvisable as the dissolved film could stick to the fabric itself.
As with water soluble film, it is possible to choose the most appropriate measurements from a broad height and thickness range.

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