Water soluble and biodegradable films


Ecomavi produces water soluble and biodegradable films and bags/pouches using its own formula with 20 years’ of experience and customizing them for unique applications.

The main Ecomavi products are made from PVA (polyvinyl alcohol, a non-toxic, eco-compatible and completely water soluble substance.

PVA is commonly used in packaging of a variety of goods, such as plant and vegetable seeds, textiles and clothing, unfinished embroidery items, packaging to realize small detergent doses, packaging of water treatment chemicals, agrochemical and dyes. Bags are also suitable in laundry-hospital sector for better hygiene and easy handling of soiled washable items.

Ecomavi produces various measures of film and bags depends on customer request realizing them from cm. 5 to cm. 190 and various thickness from 15 microns to 100 microns.


Ecomavi’s PVA films and bags has been widely used for

  • packaging of fertilizers, pesticide, dyestuffs, detergent, water-sewer additives, mineral additives, cement additives, colorants, etc., for its biodegradability and water solubility. The small water soluble doses provides ease-of-use and avoid human contact from the inside material. In addition, the packaging of water soluble material avoid overdose and the volatility of the material. It mean that our bags not only respect the environmental but also the hygiene and the sensibility of the operator.
  • cement sector bags have been widely used in the packaging of additives to avoid environmental pollution. By adding the cement additives directly into the mixing bucket with water soluble packaging, operator will make accurate measurement and the operation simplified. It is safer and more convenient to mix the cement additives without opening its package.


Perfect for healthcare, our bags avoid contamination and prevent infections with our environmentally friendly and hygienic solution to minimize contact between staff and infected laundry.


Our company is producing 2 different articles for the world of embroidery: Thermofilm and Water soluble film.
With the water-soluble film you have the possibility to create a temporary support for the realization of embroidery with easy removal of the same.
Thermofilm is used when you can not wash the staff because this particular film melts in contact with heat, facilitating its complete removal from the fabric.