Start-up of the project Bio-Plastic Europe

At the end of october is departing the European research project Bio-Plastics Europe. This project, through the development of innovative material, will allow the production of environmentally friendly plastics, that might be used in several sectors, from packaging to agriculture, etc.

Aim of the project is to identify sustainable strategies and solution for the products realized with biopolimers, as well as focusing on circular approaches to the whole bioplastic supply chain.
21 partners within 10 Countries, including Italy (ASSOBIOPLASTICHE, CNR, BOLOGNA UNIVERSITY) and 15 European town, part of the “Network of Historic cities against plastics”.
In addition, Malaysia will be the laboratory where the solutions found will be put in place. Among the strategies for the innovation of the system, it will be interesting to evaluate the presence of bioplastic in the waste stream and the biodegradable and compostable solutions.