A floating skyscraper cleaning the sea from garbage

A floating skyscraper cleaning the sea from garbage

Filtration,this is the name of the floating skyscraper cleaning designed by the american designer Honglin. Filtration clean our seas and produces energy.

The project has won the honourable mention at eVolo skyscraper competition.

To function, it has been conceived with internal implants to recover the material and for the water treatment. Thanks to this system the building is able to recycle plastics and the oceans debris, and at the same time produces energy.

“Unlike a conventional material recovery system mainly based on the gravity and on the usage of several conveyor to pick up garbage for its sorting”, the american designer explains, “Filtration uses the sea water to push the garbage and conveys the polluted water to the top of the building, filtering water and recycing ¬†waste”. In this way filtration cleans the oceans and helps to safe the planet.